Since going live with the new World Handicap System on 2 November, Scottish Golf has already processed over 8,000 scores through the new calculator, with 5,000 of these scores being submitted on Saturday alone.

There have already been 2,000 general play scores submitted by golfers across the country and we are pleased to say that over 10,000 handicap records have been recalculated and ready for the following day, giving us confidence that the new system is already working well and ensuring a golfer's handicap is demonstrative of their ability.

As outlined in our Initial Handicap Index Calculation document, we know that some golfers at your club will have experienced some anomalies within their record.

Today, we are pleased to provide all affiliated clubs with the required tools to make any adjustments deemed necessary. Below you will find instructions on how to delete a score from a player's record and how to make handicap adjustments. Read more here