The 2021 golf season heralds the beginning of the first full season of the World Handicapping System (WHS). Not only does WHS provide an international standard for handicaps that is based on course difficulty, but it also enables club members to submit a General Play score at any time from any course. 

If experiences around the world are anything to go by, then clubs in Scotland could see a dramatic increase in scores submitted for handicap. In New Zealand the first full year of WHS saw a 25% per month increase in rounds played, with peak months even higher. 

General Play scores can be submitted directly by anyone with a valid Scottish Golf CDH ID via the Scottish Golf App or other CONGU approved systems. This creates more opportunities for golfers to submit scores for handicapping at their home course, or when playing as a visitor elsewhere.

For clubs there is also the opportunity to relieve pressure on competition start sheets by golfers submitting a General Play score on other days, so that those who want to play competitively for handicap when the course is quieter can do so.

When WHS was introduced earlier in 2020, incorrect CDH IDs, or indeed the fact that not every member had one, contributed to the issues with inconsistent data that were overcome through the hard work of clubs and Scottish Golf. Now that these issues have been resolved we are sure everyone would like to keep the data as consistent as possible!

In the past, some clubs have tended to only give CDH ID numbers to members who played in competitions, as that was the only way to submit a score for handicap. However, now golfers can also submit a General Play score at any time, it is imperative that all members have the CDH ID they are eligible for.

With a potential increase in rounds as golfers take advantage of General Play, Scottish Golf is therefore urging golf clubs to ensure that every member has a CDHID in time for the start of the season so that everyone can benefit from having a WHS Handicap Index.

If any clubs require assistance in understanding how to allocate a new CDH ID please contact Scottish Golf or login to the Scottish Golf Hive platform.