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Competitions and Events

Terms and Conditions

Competition Terms and Conditions - 

GGU competitions can be entered on-line. Click here to go our booking system.

Entry to some competitions is restricted by age and/or handicap. Details of these are given on the flyer advertising the competition.

In addition, your ‘Home Club’ i.e. the club which handles your handicap must be affiliated to Glasgow Golf Union.
If you are not a member of a Club affiliated to the Glasgow Golf Union , your entry will not be accepted unless you are applying to enter an ‘Open Competition’ of which Glasgow Golf Union runs -
The Glasgow Open Amateur Championship

You must also have a current and valid WHS handicap, and for all competitions must supply your Centralised Database of Handicaps (CDH) number if your club has registered. This allows a note of your score to be sent to your Home Club and your handicap updated.

It is a condition of acceptance that all competititors must observe the dress rules of the host club on arrival and departure from the Clubhouse, during play and in the Clubhouse.

No player can win more than one prize.

In the event of a tie in any position in a two round competition, the second round countback will decide the relative winner positions.

No practice rounds are available unless previously advertised.

Refund policy - once a competition draw is made, no refunds can be made in respect of entry fees.

If a player is in a draw and cannot attend the course on the day of a competition, he must inform the GGU by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via our website contact form, or by phoning the event host course Pro Shop, CaddyMaster, or club staff and leaving details. 
A message sent to our Facebook account does not qualify as notification. 
In the event of a no show with no notification, a player may be ineligible from future events. 

Any dispute will be referred to the Executive whose decision shall be final. 

Score cards and tee times

Failing to return a score card - 

All Glasgow Golf Union competitions are ‘Qualifying Competitions’ and, as such, count for
 handicapping alterations where applicable. Failure to return a card will result in a ‘No Return’ being sent to your Home Club with a possible change to your HCI. If however you return a card which contains one or more holes for which a score has not been recorded then the ‘net double bogey’ correction will be applied before any handicap alterations are made. 

Failing to turn up or miss a tee time - 

If you enter a competition and fail to turn up, your entry money will not be refunded.

If you fail to turn up for your allocated tee time, you will be disqualified from competing and your money will not be refunded.

Competition abandoned due to bad weather -

If a competition is abandoned due to bad weather, a player may want to use his completed or incomplete scorecard. The player can do this himself by getting his club to add the score as General play. 

Any completed scores from an abandoned competition can be manually added to the player's record by his home club.

SSS and Handicaps

Preferred lies and extensions

Preferred Lies - 

Preferred Lies may be used during the period from 1st October to 30th April, if required. Outside the specified period consent of the Union must be obtained to enable Qualifying Competitions to take place. When Preferred Lies are in operation a Local Rule as identified within Appendix 1, Part B, 4c of the Rules of Golf must be displayed.


Applying for an extension of preferred lies period - 

When a Club considers adverse conditions warrant an extension of the Preferred Lies period to all or part of the course representation should be made by the Greens Committee or other agreed body within the Club to the Local Area Authority (GGU). In the majority of cases the Union will conduct an on-course inspection before authorisation is granted.

Handicap changes and 9 hole competitions

Handicap changes - 

A Club does not have the authority to run competitions such as a Strokeplay or Stableford, where handicaps can be reduced but not increased. When a competition is declared “non qualifying” handicaps can neither be reduced nor increased.


9 hole qualifying competitions - 

A club may conduct a NINE hole qualifying competition for handicap purposes, subject to the Club having a designated Nine-Hole Standard Scratch Score issued by the Scottish Golf Union. Note -Only players in categories 2, 3 and 4 may return Nine- Hole scores for handicap purposes.

All about CDH

What is a CDH number - 

Individual members can access the CDH only when they have been advised of their unique CDH ID number from their home club who first must register the club with the CDH. The individual player can then access and register on the CDH on the SGU website. (


What are the benefits of CDH - 

The benefits of CDH to players and clubs is that Individuals can access exact and playing handicap information online. Ensures all Player Scores are recorded on their individual handicap record. When all Clubs are registered, will remove need to report away scores to “Home Club”. Note – Players should continue to report Away Scores during 2013 or until advised that CDH is fully operational within all Clubs.

Controlling your handicap and getting advice

Who controls my handicap - 

The player should select as his Home Club for handicap purposes the one at which he plays most frequently in Qualifying Competitions. He should also inform all other Clubs where he is a member of his choice of Home Club. The Home Club selected has control over the player’s handicap and issues his CDH number.
Note – To be able to participate in G.G.U. “closed competitions” the Player’s Home Club must be affiliated to The Glasgow Golf Union.


Getting handicap advice from the Union - 

Affiliated clubs may seek advice form the Union on interpretation of the local rules and handicap queries. The G.G.U. SSS and Handicap Committee will be happy to offer advice and guidance on suitability of local rules for use within individual member Clubs or queries on the Unified handicapping System controlled by CONGU. Contact should be made in the first instance to the Hon. Secretary by email. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Coaching Funding

Individual Coaching Sessions

GGU Individual Coaching Plan -

Top Golfers whose home club is a member of Glasgow Golf Union can now apply for a coaching grant towards individual sessions with a nominated coach or professional.

The qualification rules are outlined below and GGU will consider nominations submitted on the form that can be downloaded below and should be emailed to the GGU Secretary Mark Jamieson for approval. If any player wishes to discuss a potential application in more detail, please contact the relevant Team Managers. 

Qualification Rules

Qualification rules - 

The player must have as his home club one of the 11 course owning clubs within GGU or Clubs playing from one of the municipal courses subscribing to the Union. 

Players must hold a handicap of 2 or less on to qualify for consideration of a coaching grant.The player should not currently be part of a designated coaching programme or a member of the SGU Academy or Development Centre project. 

The player must have the potential to represent GGU at A team, Youth or Boys level and this should be agreed by the relevant team manager and approved by the coaching sub committee. Individual players may apply to the Executive for a coaching grant in any one year up to a maximum of £100 based on the guidelines set out below.

The grant when approved will be paid direct to an individual coach or designated professional subject to a suitable invoice being presented. The grant must be used to assist with the overall development of the player. The Union may make a partial contribution depending upon individual circumstances with the expectation that the player contributes a proportion of the coaching fees levied by his designated coach. It would be expected that individual players in receipt of a coaching grant will provide the Executive with a quarterly report on progress made during the calendar year in which a grant is payable. 

The Executive in all cases reserve the right to decline applications received if the overall coaching budget of the Union has or will be exceeded by acceptance of further applications in the financial year.

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 Download the individual coaching request form here

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