Helping to grow golf in Glasgow

Helping to grow golf in Glasgow


Champions of Champions 2023

Welcome to the Champion of Champions competition for 2023
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Players contact details are as follows - 

  •  Ian McLaughlin 07745340339
  •  Fraser McNeill 07446209087
  •  Jonathan King 07967149687
  •  Mark Watt 07816473891
  •  Blair Dalgleish 07703571000
  •  Adam Skinner 07940751792
  •  Mark Liddell 07786790926
  •  Gordon Sangster 07912871814
  •  Mark Plumridge 07415154514
  •  GGU official Andy Quinn 07570794351


Champion of Champion Rules

The Champion of Champions competition will run from April to September.

The Final will be played at a neutral venue and will be decided after the Semi-Final matches have been completed, on a date suitable to both players.

The first named player (challenger) will contact the opponent offering 3 dates, of which one of them being a Saturday or Sunday, and no consecutive date within the allotted time, this now puts the responsibility onto the opponent to select one of the dates and reply, if no reply is made within the closing date the challenger will progress to the next round.

In the event that an extension is required to complete the tie, a request to the GGU official at the earliest opportunity should be asked for.

The winner of the tie should notify the GGU official running the competition of the result. Results to be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 2022  F Grant Ralston
 2021  P Gault Jnr Haggs Castle
 2019  A Fairbairn Cawder
 2018  F Grant Ralston
 2017  J King Glasgow
 2016  P Hay Cawder
 2015  B Hume Haggs Castle
 2014  F Grant Ralston
 2013  F Grant Ralston
 2012  G Sangster Cathkin Braes
 2011  G Crawford Williamwood

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